Sputtering back to life.

*dusts off blog*

Greetings, all and sundry,

I have been remiss in my attendance to this avenue of communication.  Not that I have been idle, mind you, rather I have been too preoccupied with other activities to give this one the attention it deserves.  Some of you may follow me on twitter or facebook; and so, may be reasonably well informed on what I’ve been up to for the last several months since my last post.  (Interestingly, Chrome’s inline spell check has no issue with the word “twitter” but throws a red line under “facebook.”  I suppose that is because “twitter” is an actual word that describes a particular sound.  I’m sure no slight on the potentially competing web space was intended.)  In any case, I intend to rectify this oversight and begin providing more regular content on this site.

The challenge I face in the content department is just what to share with the Inter-webs.  I’ve read a few Blog How-To’s and most of them say that if one wants to build readership (the sine qua non of blogging) then ones blog should be “about something” rather than simply a running record of whatever happens to be on the author’s mind at the time.  (Note: this post is exactly that.  Please, bear with me as I work through this.) Therefore, I must consider just what I shall make this blog be about.

It should be noted, also, that I initiated this blog primarily as a platform building tool through which I might both promote my published works and connect with the readers and potential readers thereof.  As I do not yet have any published works to promote, that leaves the connecting part, for now.  To that end, I am going to use this blog to share with my friends and potential readers my world building efforts as I prepare for this year’s National Novel Writer’s Month challenge (NaNoWriMo).  It may also contain other topics that I feel strongly enough about to express an opinion on.

More to come, I promise.  I’ve recently signed up for the Writing Spirit’s  S.H.I.N.E. Online Blogging Challenge  Wherein I committed to writing two blog posts a week through the end of the year.  We shall see how well I do.


Keeper Of Obscure Knowledge, Designated Official Noetic Theorist, Professional Artificer of Noospheric Intermediary Constructs

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