Off to a rocky start

Well, we’re in only the second week of the S.H.I.N.E. Online blogging Challenge and I’m already behind.  I totally missed my two promised posts for week one.  I’ll just have to try better this week.  The good news is I have a couple of topics to post about this week.  The bad news is, they may not be something you want to read about.  Authorities on Etiquette tell us there are certain topics one does not discuss at a dinner party, specifically, Sex, Politics and Religion.  Well, we’re not at a dinner party, so I’m going to break that particular rule, at least for the last two.  If you want a blog about Sex, you’ll have to go elsewhere.   If I’m going to make a serious effort at this blogging thing then I have to write about things about which I have a strong enough opinion to put into typed words.  For me, that narrows the field down to Politics, Religion and my current efforts vis-a-vis writing and publishing a novel.

We’ll start with the last one.  Today I attended a pre-NaNoWriMo workshop.  There were only about nine of us there, including the two Municipal Liaisons.  What was cool though, was actually meeting other NaNoWriMo writers and getting a sense of connection to the community.  It was interesting to see the varying levels of preparedness among the participants.  It ranged from one already having an outline written out, to one who still had no idea what her novel was going to be about this time.  Even in this small group, the chosen genres varied just as widely, Crime Thriller, Sci-fi, Paranormal Mystery and Steampunk.  There is a kick-off party scheduled for later in the month and, several write-ins in November.  This is going to be an interesting next couple of months.

My next two posts will be political in nature.  You have been warned.


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