NaNoWriMo 2013: The 1000-Word Picture


I hate this gif, but it is just so apt.

It is November, and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is upon us once again.

I have participated in this literary blitzkrieg a few times and have yet to reach the 50,000 word goal. November, it turns out, is a rather difficult month, for this writer at least,, in which to attempt to isolate oneself from family and friends for the purpose of throwing down 1600 or so words.  What with Thanksgiving and Veterans Day, and other events, life just tends to get in the way.

September might have been a better choice for this celebration of seat-of-the-pants  authoring. Then again,  as I recall, this last September was every bit as busy as November tends to be. The boys returned to school, and so, all the attendant extracurricular activities began. Daddy’s Taxi Service went into full operation once more. What’s a wanna be author to do? The other 30 day months aren’t any better. April is Springtime! Who wants to sit still and write when all that glorious reawakening is going on around them?  June might have been a good choice. There are no major holidays in that month.  It is often  too warm outside for extended activity.  Much better to lock oneself away in a cool room somewhere. Then again, June is usually a good vacation month.  There goes a whole week at least in which very little if any writing might get done.  Of course, this is just my life. As they say, your mileage may vary.

That brings us back to November again.  While not ideal, I suppose it is as good a month as any.  I have decided to participate again  this year, but will take a slightly different approach.  Rather than simply pounding out a single, semi-cohesive, barely coherent, 50,000-word novel, I will attempt to add 50,000 words to this blog. Over the next 28 days  (Yikes! I’m already two days behind!) I will endeavor to post at least once daily, probably more than once.

These posts will fall into four broad categories. First, I have a raft of Book Reviews on backlog. I read quite a few good books over the last few months, and a couple that were not so good. I hope you will enjoy my thoughts on them. Second, since my Tape-to-mp3 How-To was reasonably well received, I have a couple more of those to share with you. They will show up in the Brain Lube category of this blog.  Third, I have some C.A.V.E Writings type thoughts on the current social and political happenings in our fair country.  I may not present any great new insights but I hope you will at least consider some of the things I have to say.  My hope is merely to engender a conversation on these topics.  If you feel moved to join the conversation, please do so, I ask only that we keep our passions in due bounds and respect one another.

Finally, the bulk of my posts this month will fall into a category I have dubbed “The 1000-Word Picture”. This  will be the primary creative thrust of this project and most closely aligned with the spirit of NaNoWriMo.  They will be short fictional pieces, vignettes, short stories, maybe just single scenes of at least 1000-words in length and each inspired by a picture. I have recently been wasting quite a lot of time on tumblr and occasionally find some real gems. It has become something of a real Casual Obsession for me to find those pictures that are truly worth 1000 words.  I will also glean  inspiration from other on-line sources such as Pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc.. In all cases I will endeavor to only use images in the public domain or at least properly attributed. My intention is for these short pieces to all be thematically consistent and  to reside within the same fictional milieu.  With any luck it will then be possible to compile them into a sort of anthology, It may turn out that they form the backdrop of a larger narrative. This, then, will be part of the adventure and well within the spirit  or NaNoWriMo, as I understand it. The 1000-Word Picture posts will be parallel-posted to my tumblr as well.

If you are a participant in NaNoWriMo this year, I invite you to become a “writing buddy” there. I am listed as Tomwrussell. I know, it’s not very creative, but it serves the purpose.  I have registered this year’s “novel” as “The 1000-Word Picture”

Word count: 754


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