Top Ten Free Classic Books On The Kindle Store

In case your “To Read” list isn’t long enough.

The Wordslinger

Amazon’s Kindle Store, as most of you would know, is not exclusively for Kindle owners. You can use their Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC/tablet, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone and use it to read the books you have bought/downloaded from the Kindle Store. So Amazon has covered pretty much every platform.

What you probably don’t know it you can also use the app on Cloud i.e. you can read the books and surf across the internet simultaneously. What I’m trying to say, here, is that you can enjoy all the Kindle books in virtually every device you possess.

Which means, you can read those free classic books available on the Store without paying a *single* penny. Then why not use the app? After all, books are awesome, right? And anything free is good?

I presume you now realise that this piece is useful for you…

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