Into the Woods

Campaign Diary

Session 3 – Into the Woods


Call me sappy, but I like that show. The first time I watched it I did not know it was a musical and was delightfully surprised. I like Anna Kendrick anyway.  Meryl Streep made a great witch, Chris Pine was a hoot, and James Corden did a pretty good job, too.  Anyway, let’s get too it, shall we?

Yes, gentle readers, it’s that time once again.  It’s time to rejoin the continuing saga of two stalwart travelers as they seek to make their way in a world of wild creatures, deep dungeons, and yes, even a few dragons.  When last we left our heroes they had embarked on their first assigned quest from the Adventurers Guild in Haven Cross.  They had begun their journey and had a harrowing encounter with a fleeing gastronomist and a crazed axe beak.  They deftly dispatched the bird, and enjoyed a hearty repast.  That evening they stayed at Jolly Momo’s Inn and actually got a lead on Tenzen’s quest.

We rejoin our heroes as they arise the following morning.  After quickly braking fast they walk back to the signpost and turn onto the path leading East into the woods.

“Into the woods, then out of the woods, and home before dark!”

The trail was narrow but well marked.  There was evidence that a small wagon traveled that way occasionally.  The canopies of the trees stretched over the trail  high above them, dappling the sunlight without seeming to close in.  About mid-morning they spotted a log laying over the road.  When they went to step over it it turned out to be an enormous snake!  They had disturbed its nap.  It struck out at Tenzen and caught him in the thigh.  Falconsight leaped back and  began loosing arrows at it.  Tenzen was barely able to avoid being wrapped in its coils thanks to his extraordinary agility.  With a final arrow to the head Falconsight killed the great beast.  They  rolled it off the road then continued on their way, a little more cautiously now.

Their caution paid off.  Before long they heard the throaty cough of a large cat.  A black panther leapt out at them.  Tenzen dodged aside and Falconsight loosed an arrow.  His shot struck true and the beast was slain.  Its mate attacked and clawed the ranger from behind.  Tenzen dispatched that one with a pair of quick blows with his staff.   The pair took some time to recover and took the pelts.

Finally, with the sun low in the sky and the trees throwing long shadows they reached their destination.  At the end of the trail they found a  small camping site with a water well a fire pit and leveled ground for tents.  The clearing was bordered on one side by  an enormous ancient tree.  Hidden amongst the roots of the tree was a small door, only 4ft tall, but not difficult to spot.  The intrepid duo shared a look, shrugged and knocked on the door.

They were greeted by an older ixit dressed in a leather apron over brown and green robes.  “Ah! You must be from the Guild, eh?  Yes, yes.  Of course you are.  Well, come in then.  No need to stand out there on my stoop.  Come!  Come!”  He ushered them into his house under the tree and offered them some tea.  They explained that they were indeed from the Guild and had a package for him.  He took it and went to another room.  He returned with a wooden box which he gave them.  “There you go.  As promised.  Tell Wise William hello from old Nifiz.”

Just then there was a whistling from the back room and Nifiz stood up, said, “Oh my! The tea!” and scurried off.  While he was away the front door opened and two ixit women came in, one older than the other.   They were Nifiz’s wife and daughter.  They insisted the adventurers have dinner with them.  Unfortunately, the house was too small for guests.  That is why they maintained the camping site outside.

They supplied our heroes with a pair of spare tents and bedrolls and bade them good night.

And so shall we close the curtain on this installment of the Five Kingdoms campaign.  I hope you enjoyed it.  The players enjoyed their walk in the woods.  A pair of encounters and a little social interaction.  What more could one want from a Sunday afternoon?


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