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Session 3 (part 2) – Satyr Party

“Hey, kids! What Time is it!”  (If you get that reference, you are at least as old as I am.  Congratulations on surviving so long.)

Regardless, welcome to another episode in the ongoing story of two unlikely heroes who are wandering and are indeed lost.  At the end of the last post we had met, Nifiz, the ixit alchemist and his family.  Our heroes had made the exchange of packages the Guild assigned them  and were making camp outside the alchemist’s lab.  Let’s see what happens next.

The two companions set up their tents and bedrolls and prepared to sleep for the night.  Nifiz had assured them that they would be safe in the campsite.  “Everyone camps there.  Perfectly safe.  Yes, yes.  Perfectly safe.”  Falconsight, sat up while his friend slept.  A few hours into the first watch Falconsight heard a low buzzing sound that quickly grew louder.  A swarm of large insects emerged into the clearing and surrounded the tents.  Falconsight was attacked by what looked like 10 inch long mosquitoes with short barbed proboscises. His cries awakened Tenzen and the two of them  swatted at and eventually drove off the swarm, but not without suffering a number of bites in the process.  11673-t8e9mj

The dust cleared and they swept away the dead bugs.  They then knocked on the door and roused the alchemist.  They explained their plight and Nifiz exclaimed, “Oh my! On dear.  I’d forgotten about the bloodsuckers.  Oh dear.  Come, come, let me see to those bites.”  He applied a salve which lessened their discomfort a little, but could not remove it entirely.  He apologized once again.  “I will have to make  some more of that repellent I suppose.  Let me mark  that down.” He scribbled something on a small notebook.  “They should not bother you again.” He assured them.  “Just stay in your tents and you should be fine.”

They thanked the old man and settled back in their tents.  The bloodsuckers did not return; however, their sleep was disturbed again before the night was out.   This time by a column of carrion ants on the move.  Just before dawn they were once again awakened by insect bites and had to scramble out of the way.  A few minutes later the ants had passed, but the damage was done.  They had sustained only minor injuries, but all of the food they had packed for the trip  had been consumed.

The ixit family helped the now exhausted travelers put away the tents and shared a quick breakfast with them.  Tenzen had a sudden realization and asked if Nifiz had any healing draughts he’d be willing to sell them.  Unfortunately, he did not.  He could certainly make some up for them, though.  They agreed upon a price and said they would be back in a few weeks when the potions were ready.  They also negotiated to have the panther hide cured and treated.

With that settled, the weary adventurers1 bade the alchemist and his family farewell and started back  down the trail  they had taken to get there.  With any luck they would be back at Jolly Momo’s by dusk.  Well, this is D&D. The heroes are never that lucky.

A few hours after leaving the alchemist’s lab they heard the sound of branches snapping and underbrush crunching as if something very large was tromping through the woods nearby.  They stopped, readied their weapons, and turned to face in the direction of the sound.  In moments the sound stopped.  Almost immediately they heard the same crashing and thrashing from behind them and turned to face the new threat.

A few moments passed and there were no more disturbances.  The heroes kept alert and turned to continue down the trail only to find that it was no longer there.  “What happened to the trail?” Tenzen said.  “Don’t worry.” Falconsight replied. “I got this.  All we have to do is keep going East, right.  We’ll eventually hit the main road.”  The ranger took a moment to orient himself and confidently picked a direction.2

They marched into the thick forest and within a few hundred feet heard a light burbling sound, like a small child giggling.  Falconsight called out, “Hello!  Who’s there?”  There was no response except the giggling again, this time further along the direction they were already travelling.  They picked up the pace in an effort to catch up to whoever it was ahead of them.


Bacchanal – Taddeo Zuccari

Soon there were more noises ahead of them.  They heard music and laughter and many voices.  They slowed and cautiously peeked around the bole of a large tree.  Before them lay a clearing around a largish pond. Gathered around the pond were about two dozen satyrs drinking, dancing and swimming in the pond while two of them are playing music on pan pipes.  Our heroes were not quite  sure what to make of this.  They stared at the scene indecisively until Tenzen suddenly had a strong urge to join the party.3  The satyrs greeted the two weary, befuddled travelers warmly and invited the pair to join them.


Falconsight and  Tenzen  tried to ask the satyrs the way back to Jolly Momo’s only to be gently put off.  “Have some fun first,” one of the little goat men said.  “Show us what you got!  Go make a few jumps in the pond, tell us some stories, dance & play music if you can, and if you dare a challenge, you can join the drinking game or that dumb ‘Toss and Dodge’ game over there!” In the distance  a group of satyrs were taking turns throwing a small log as high as they could in the sky, and dodging its fall at the last minute.

Seeing this as the only way to get any information out of the satyrs they agreed.  Tenzen made use of his training to perform one of his training routines as a dance while the satyrs played.  There was riotous applause when he finished.4  Falconsight decided to try his mettle at the drinking contest.  The satyrs told him they were drinking a potent libation they called “Dryad’s Kiss”.  He sat next to a satyr and the two took turns quaffing shots of the extremely sweet and fruity liquor.  After several  rounds the satyr fell over and began snoring. Falconsight was definitely inebriated, but had won the challenge. 5

While his friend drank Tenzen heard the light high giggling coming from around a tree and went to investigate. He could not find anyone, however.

As their final challenge, they both decided to make a few jumps off the trampoline set up beside the pond.  They took turns and Tenzen once again wowed the satyrs with his display of athleticism.  For his part,  Falconsight, delighted them with his spectacular drunken fail.

The satyrs thanked our heroes for being most entertaining guests.  They gave Falconsight a wineskin full of Dryad’s Kiss for being such a good sport and pointed them in a direction they said would take them back to the road.

This puts us over 1200 words; so, I’ll stop this post here and we will pick things up here next time.  Join me, won’t you?

  1. Due to not getting a full rest they now had a level of Exhaustion 
  2. He rolled really well on his Survival check, but, as we shall see, it didn’t help. 
  3. He failed a Wisdom Save vs a Suggestion spell. 
  4. He rolled really well on his Performance check. 
  5. he rolled some hella good Constitution saves while the satyr (me) rolled terribly 

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