Tricks, Traps, and Treasure

Campaign Diary

Session 3 (part 3) – Tricks, Traps, and Treasure

Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen. It is time once again for me to relay the tale of two  adventurers doing the best they can with what they are given.  If you are new to this site,  welcome.  You have joined us in the middle of a series in which I relay the story of a D&D  5th Edition campaign I am running for my two sons.  I guess that makes this a little like The Adventure Zone, but that’s OK.  There’s enough room on the interwebs for two, or more,  dad-and-sons D&D campaigns.

As you may note from the headings above this is the third part of one session.  If you like you can read the other two parts to get caught up. They are titled Into the Woods and Satyr Party.  The whole campaign log is available by clicking the ‘campaign log’ tag.  Session 3 got split into multiple posts not because it was a particularly long session, but because they did a lot of cool stuff in those few hours.  I thought it more prudent to keep each post at under 1500 words rather than have one massive post.  OK. So, now that that’s out of the way.  On with the story.

Tenzen and Falconsight left the satyrs by the lake and tromped off into the woods again in the direction the satyrs had told them would lead them to the road back to Jolly Momo’s Inn.  They were still a bit weary from having their sleep disturbed twice the night before and were eager to get to the Inn.  Furthermore, Falconsight had consumed quite a few shots of Dryad’s Kiss with the satyrs and was quite inebriated.1

Almost immediately upon leaving the satyr pond behind they once again heard the high pitched giggling coming from in front of them.  This was getting  a little frustrating for the pair, but they could not see where it was coming from.  All of this distraction plagued them through the afternoon.  They were so distracted, and tired, and eager to get out of the forest that they failed to notice that they had walked into an array of traps.  Their first indication was when Falconsight had his foot yanked out from under him by a snare.  This pulled him off balance and he fell on his back.  The snare wasn’t very big; so, he just lay there with his leg hoisted up in the air.

Tenzen turned to aid his friend and got a pot of sticky black mud dumped on his head.  At this point a small reptilian creature jumped out from a neafby bush shouting,  “Aha! I got something, I got something!”  He pulled up short when he saw the adventurers. “But what the….”  He tried to run away, but got caught in another snare and will was left hanging from a tree by a foot.new_to_dd_monsters_kobold_t_140714

Tenzen released Falconsight from his snare and they approached the little fellow who had set these traps.  “Help! Help! Get me down! Oh!  Please, no eat me”  Now they could see that this was in fact a kobold, a diminutive cousin to the dragonkin.  They asked him what he was up to with all the traps.  “Ha! I am Koh!  Trap Master of my tribe.  At least, I was until our chief almost killed himself in one of my traps.”

Koh had to run for his life and now lived alone.  He had set many traps in this part of the wood to catch food.  They agree to let him down if he would guide them through his traps and help them find the road.  “Yes, yes!  I will show you.  Yes, I will.” Unfortunately, Koh didn’t remember where he had set all of them.  Tenzen and Falconsight both had more pots of mud dropped on them and Koh fell into a small covered pit before they got clear of the trap field.

Again they heard someone giggling just ahead of them.  Koh spooked and drew closer to the heroes. “Maybe I stay with you two for a little while.  Maybe you shoot something to eat with that big bow.”  And now there were three.

By this time the light was fading and the shadows were lengthening.  While the trio were looking for a place to make camp they heard something large moving quickly through the brush.  In the dim light Falconsight and Koh had the advantage.  Looking toward the source of the noise they spotted  a large creature standing upright. It bellowed with a deep-throated “Hurrrhoo!”  Koh recognized it first and screamed, “Owlbear!” as he turned and fled.

Tenzen and Falconsight followed suit and the three ran fast and recklessly through the forest.  Soon they stopped to catch their breath and look abut themselves they were in a small open clearing.  There was no indication that the owlbear had followed them.  Falconsight noticed an unusual bush nearby.  The berries on it glowed faintly in the waning light.  The ranger recognized these as goodberries and excitedly shared them with his companions.  The  berries relieved some of their discomfort from the previous day’s encounters but did not relieve their exhaustion.2  They even harvested some for use  the next day if needed.

3d4b7547bb14cb39850c5f31a2e94363Thus partially refreshed the unlikely trio made camp and settled in for the night.  Tenzen  had just started to doze off when their clearing was bathed in soft light and a tiny little winged lizard appeared among them.  Falconsight recognized it as a faerie dragon.3

“Heehee!  Oh dear, little lost lambs,” said the dragon.  Koh squealed and hid.  The faerie dragon giggled at this and the two adventurers recognized the sound that had been following them all day.  It introduced itself ad Jivew and grinned at them.  “Lost in the forest.  How embarassing.” He eyed the ranger as he said this.  “But, fear not,  I can help you.  I know the way home. Oh, yes.”

This was good news for our heroes, but they were wary to trust this strange creature.  Jivew offered them a show of good faith.  “I know where lies some shinies nearby.  I will show you.  You will see.  Maybe you will give a shiny to me.  Oh, yes.”   After some additional cajoling they agreed and Jivew fluttered off, “Follow now! Shinies below!”

They followed after the glowing dragon and soon came to a part of the forest that was heavily overgrown but where old weathered rocks occasionally jutted out of the brush.  Jivew explained that this was all that remained of an ancient city.  He led them to a clump of vines and shrubs on top of which they could see a statue of a man laughing.  When they cleared away the vegetation from the base of the statue they saw a golden plaque that read “Ha!” with the name Sergin Melandrus etched in the marble beneath.  “In you go!” urged Jivew.  “Under the laughing man, solve the puzzles, get the shinies!”

They found the entrance beneath the statue and found themselves in a 30′ x 15′ chamber that despite the apparent age was in pristine condition.  The walls glowed with pulsing blue energy.  To their left they saw a small hole near the top of the wall with a ladder leading to it.  On the right there were ten hands crafted of golden metal, each wearing a large ring.  Before them were two metal gates of the same golden metal.  All around them they heard faint whispering voices. They repeated over and over, “281, 281, 281, 281”.

“Hee Hee!” Jivew giggled.  Solve the riddles, get the shinies!”

After some trial and error and some clever thinking, our heroes did just that.  I won’t give the details here.  For that you’ll have to buy the module Haven Cross: The Adventurers Guild from the DM’s Guild website.  I will say that in the process our heroes got wet and even dirtier.

That’s enough for now.  Tune in next time to find out what shinies our heroes found under Serrgin Melandrus’s statue and whether they finally get out of the forest.

  1. Mechanically speaking, this gave both of them a level of Exhaustion (D&D 5e PHB p. 291), giving them Disadvantage on all ability checks, and Falconsight had Disadvantage on Wisdom and Intelligence Saving Throws. 
  2. Each berry restored 1 HP. 
  3. He rolled pretty well on his Nature check. 

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