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Campaign Diary: Let Not Sleeping Giants Lie

Campaign Diary Session 7: Let Sleeping Giants Lie (a bar fight) Welcome, gentle readers, to another installment in the on going saga of two gentlemen about town.  The gentlemen are the maybe not so gentle former militiaman, Falconsight, and his

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Campaign Diary: Expo. Explosion

Campaign Diary Session 6: Exposition Explosion Hello, dear readers.  Thank you for putting up with a brief hiatus while I fought back the sinusoid demons.  Thankfully, this latest outbreak failed to reach full infection stage; and I am, more or

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Simulation Lab

Sorry, folks.  There will be no Campaign Log post this week.  The onrush of Spring has caused my sinuses to mount a protest.  The worst should pass over the weekend, however, and I will be able to think clearly enough

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