Campaign Diary: Let Not Sleeping Giants Lie

Campaign Diary

Session 7: Let Sleeping Giants Lie (a bar fight)

Welcome, gentle readers, to another installment in the on going saga of two gentlemen about town.  The gentlemen are the maybe not so gentle former militiaman, Falconsight, and his friend Tenzen, the unflappable monk.  The town is Phandalin, a modest community which has lately become subject to the oppressive rule of a band known as the Redbrands.  When last we left our heroes they had decided to take some action to relieve the citizens of Phandalin of this menace.  They had decided to pay a visit to the tavern where the Redbrands were known to congregate, The Sleeping Giant.  Michaela

Before heading there, however, they stopped at the Lionshield Coster to ask the proprietress, Linene, if she could offer them any aid.  She pointed them to her lead caravan guard, Michaela, whom they would be sure to find at the Stonehill Inn.  They thanked her and went in search of the woman  they had been told was dark of skin, dark of hair, and a good one to have on your side in a fight.  They found her without any trouble and when they introduced themselves and explained their purpose she readily agreed to join them. “It’s about time someone decided to do something. Give me just a few moments to grab my gear,” she said.  When she returned she was decked out in chainmail with a sword at her side, a pike in her hand, and a round shield over her back.1  After a moment’s thought she put the pike aside.  “Too close quarters in the Giant for this.  Alright, I’m ready.”

“Good, wear this,” Tenzen said.  He handed her one of the dirty red cloaks they had taken from the Redcloaks they had imprisoned under the townmaster’s hall.  She gave it a sniff, then shrugged it over her shoulders when she saw Tenzen and Falconsight do the same.  Thus disguised the trio went to the Seeping Giant.

When they arrived they found a rundown tap house with eight disreputable, brutish looking thugs at the tables and bar.  They all wore cloaks of the same dingy looking red material they had seen all the Redcloaks wearing.  They served well enough for an identifying uniform of sorts,  but were obviously of poor quality and not well cared for.


Our battle map. Lego minifigs on a pattern cutting board.  The party is up in the top left corner.  The stormtrooper in the upper right is the barkeeper, the rest are bad guys.

Three of the ruffians sat in one corner playing at dice.  Four more sat at another table playing cards and another leaned up against the bar holding a mug in both hands and staring at the contents.

The trio split up to cover the room, try to blend in and maybe learn a few things.  Falconsight approached the bar.  Michaela joined the dice game and Tenzen sat with the card players.   No one seemed to notice them except to take note of the cloaks they wore.2  Falconsight took a beer from the dwarf woman behind the bar and listened to the ramblings of the other bar hugger.

“I don’t know why I took this job.  That cavern is always cold.  That eye thing creeps me out. ya know.  It ain’t natural.  And now there’s bogyars.  Gods they smell.”

Tenzen  joined the game.  He got bits of conversation from the other players.  He convinced them he was a new recruit so they filled him in.  “We got that woman and her two brats in the cells past the crypt.  Gonna send them off soon.  Dunno why Glasstaff wants this town so bad.  Place is a dump.  That big-eyed monster in the cavern, stay away from that.  He ain’t right.  Yeah, and the Spider sent us a pair of bogyars, now.  Big, ugly, smelly, and dumb.”

He tried to keep up his end of the conversation, but the long isolated monk was not entirely up to the task.  The Redbrand to his left asked him again where he was from and didn’t seem altogether convinced of his answer.3  Just as Tenzen was formulating another gambit to gain their trust there was a shout from the dice table.  Michaela jumped up and drew her sword.  The three Redbrands at the table stood and drew with her.  “Grab ’em!  They’s the ones what beat up Lars and his crew.”

Immediately the whole tap room exploded into action.  The drunk one at the bar tried to draw on Falconsight, but the ranger was both sober and faster.  Before the thug could get his weapon out of its sheath, Falconsight smashed him across the jaw.

Michaela was equally fast with her own sword.  She held off all three at the dice table and struck one a grievous wound rolling him back on his heels. 4  The other two tried to double up on her but she managed to evade their trap.  With an impressive display of Atheletic ability she leaped up on the table and back over the other side, getting it between her and her assailants.

Tenzen faced off against the four at the card table.  Good for him they could not all get around the table to engage with him.  He grabbed his chair and threw it at the one opposite him, shattering the chair and injuring the thug.  The two who could get to him could not get through his defenses.   One of them fell immediately to a rapid succession of hand and foot strikes.

Falconsight dropped his opponent then switched to his bow and took  aim at the three engaged with Michaela.  He finished off the wounded one with his first arrow.   She fended off the other two, but could not land a telling blow of her own.  Steel clashed with steel as she held both attackers at bay.

Tenzen dropped another Redbrand with a vicious combination attack with his staff and a sweeping kick.  He shouted out, “Nonlethal! We need answers.!” One of the two remaining card players grew frustrated at his inability to get to the monk and upended the table, smashing it into his compatriot in the process.  One of the two opposite Michaela took note of this and upended the other table so he could get to her.  That table flew across the floor and crashed into the beleaguered ruffian who had now been struck by a chair and two tables without ever actually getting into the fight himself.  This last furniture assault proved his undoing and he slumped against the wall unconscious.

Michaela rushed the ruffian to her right and pressed her attack.  Falconsight took out the other with a well placed arrow.  He did not heed his friend’s words, however.  It is not in his nature to give quarter to bullies and oppressors.

Tenzen dropped his remaining opponent with a flying snap kick.  He then turned to give Michaela a hand.  In moments the melee was over.  Michaela looked about triumphantly and exclaimed.  “Now that was a fight!”

  1. For Michaela’s stats I simply used the pre-generated 2nd Level Human Fighter provided at 
  2. They rolled high Deception checks and the bad guys rolled terrible Perception. 
  3. He failed his Deception check that time. 
  4. She critically hit him for 12 of his 15 HP.  When a single blow does that much damage, 80% of his total, I rule the victim is stunned for the next turn. 

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