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Satyr Party

Campaign Diary Session 3 (part 2) – Satyr Party “Hey, kids! What Time is it!”  (If you get that reference, you are at least as old as I am.  Congratulations on surviving so long.) Regardless, welcome to another episode in the

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Into the Woods

Campaign Diary Session 3 – Into the Woods Call me sappy, but I like that show. The first time I watched it I did not know it was a musical and was delightfully surprised. I like Anna Kendrick anyway.  Meryl

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Why Did the Axe Beak Cross the Road

Welcome back.  Unless this is your first time here, in which case, Well met!  It is time for the next installment of the Five Kingdoms campaign, a D&D 5e campaign I am DM’ing for my two sons.  You can catch

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