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Project 15

Inspiring thought: Let’s do a who-dunnit IN SPAAACE!  That is, let’s have a mystery to solve in a space opera setting.

This was my 2015 NaNoWriMo project.  I took a different tack  with this one.  Whereas, in my previous efforts I quickly sketched out a bare bones concept, and maybe a couple of character ideas, this time I followed a more structure approach.  I did a ton of research on plot structures, space opera tropes, real rocket science, and orbital mechanics.  I put together a lot of background, world building, and setting detail.  I was trucking right along, too.  You can see some of that in a few posts on this blog.  Unfortunately, life happened and I only got to around the 30,000 word mark.

Confessions of a Scoundrel

Inspiring thought:  Have you ever wondered how those “mad scientist”/crazed megalomaniac guys (or gals) managed to afford their secret labs/strongholds, gangs of thugs/drones/henchmen, etc.?  In the typical hero-centric story these trappings are simply assumed.  No one ever gives a thought to where the money came from.  How cool would it be to tell the tale from the perspective of the guy who finances all these crazies.

This was to be my NaNoWriMo project for 2011.  At present it is envisioned as a steampunk crime thriller.  I know, rather odd for a self-confessed non-fan of “procedural dramas,”  but this is more along the lines of Sherlock Holmes, except from Prof. Moriarty’s perspective.

Progress: All I have at present is a concept, a central character and a few secondary ones, and a basic setting.   If I can find a word-count gadget that’ll work with WordPress, expect to see that on the main page soon.

No Witnesses

In a near future where a person’s memories can be either erased by the trained technicians of Memory Eater, Inc.  Ron Walker is a moderately successful “Light Sculptor”  whose second passion is coffee.  One fine day Ron receives a request from the City Court to provide Witness testimony.  Ron misses the appointment but is hounded by agents in dark blue suits.  What did he see or hear that has gained him this special attention?

This 1o,000 word story was written for submission to the Memory Eater anthology.

Progress: Submitted.  Deemed not a good fit for the anthology.

The Eighth Paladin

Throughout the Five Kingdoms of Telgard no institution is more respected than the Paladins of Dargotten.  When one of their member is betrayed by his own comrades-in-arms it sets in motion a series of events that may lead to the downfall of an empire.  Can seven unlikely heroes, seemingly bound by destiny, overcome their differences and weaknesses long enough to save it?

The Eighth Paladin follows the stories of these seven would be adventurers as they discover thier destinies and face the challenges that their common enemy will place before them.

This is a high adventure, epic enemble quest fantasy similar in scope to Sword of Shannara or A Song of Ice and Fire.

Progress: First draft underway.

The Master’s Guest

Who was this Lady the Master has invited to visit him at Oakstone Manor?  A librarian with a most interesting story of her own.

Who is the enigmatic Master of Oakstone?  Some say he consorts with demons, that he engages in unspeakable debaucheries with his servants.  Others claim he is the kindliest, most considerate landholder one could want.

The Master’s Guest is a gaslight paranormal romance in which these two societal misfits discover how well they fit together.  Definitely not for young readers.

Progress: Concept, some initial scenes, plot sketched out.

The Alchemist’s New Pet

One advantage to being the Chief Alchemist to the King is having one’s choice in servants, and amusements.

The Alchemist’s New Pet  is a magical erotic fantasy that explores the depths of what it means to serve and be served.

Progress: Concept, some initial scenes.

A Steampunk Writer’s Guide to Victorian London

For those whose Steampunk adventures requires a passing familiarity with The City, this guide will help you to avoid the most egregious of errors, whether it be placing Hyde Park too close to Piccadilly, or having a reputable doctor’s offices in the entirely wrong neighborhood.  As I have done my own research in this area there are any number of sources on which one can draw.  This book would be an attempt to boil that vast work of knowledge down to those essential elements needed to lend the proper level of verisimilitude to any work set in London during the Reign of Queen Victoria.

Progress: Concept only.

The Navagator’s Log

Mankind would have been forever bound to but a single planet if not for the unique abilities of the Navagators, those with minds conditioned to and trained for the seemingly impossible, instantaneous travel between the stars by merely thinking it.  Here we have a collection of episodes featuring these heroes of humanity.

Progress: Concept.

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